Restaurants & Cafe's

A food and wine lovers haven.
A food and wine lovers haven.

The King Valley and Milawa Gourmet region is renowned for it's world class wines, passionate producers and abundance of fresh, local produce. It's no wonder locals and visitors alike flock to the region for the many restaurants and cafe's serving up warm hospitality, the regions finest produce and new release innovative wines.

The Oxley Pantry1152 Snow Road, Oxley03 5727 3300
King River Cafe1143 Snow Road, Oxley03 5727 3461
Sam Miranda King ValleySnow Road, Oxley03 5727 3888
Milawa Cheese Factory17 Milawa-Bobinawarrah Rd, Milawa03 5727 3589
Milawa Motel1615 Snow Road, Milawa03 5727 3326
Milawa Bakery Cafe1605 Snow Rd, Milawa03 5727 3619
Brown Brothers of MilawaBobinawarrah Road, Milawa03 5720 5545
Restaurant Merlot at LindenwarrahMilawa/Bobinawarrah Rd, Milawa03 5720 5777
Gamze Smokehouse1/1594 Snow Rd, Milawa03 5722 4253
Milawa General Store & Take-Away4/1594 Snow Rd, Milawa03 5727 3230
Whorouly Hotel542 Whorouly Rd, Whorouly03 5727 1424
iNeeta Cafe5 Byrne St (Wangaratta/Whitfield Rd) Moyhu03 5727 9184
Moyhu Hotel16 Byrne St (Wangaratta/Whitfield Rd) Moyhu03 5727 9333
Gracebrook Vineyard4446 Wangaratta-Whitfield Rd, King Valley03 5729 3562
Brookefield Maze1121 Benalla-Whitfield Rd, Myrrhee03 5729 3562
Dal Zotto Wines Trattoria4861 Main Road, Whitfield03 5729 8321
Mountain View Hotel4 King Valley Road, Whitfield03 5729 8270
Whitty Cafe4905 Wangaratta-Whitfield Rd, Whitfield03 5729 8388
Whitfield General Store4877 Wangaratta-whitfield Rd, Whitfield03 5729 8046
Cheshunt Store447 King Valley Rd, Cheshunt03 5729 8202
Chrismont251 Upper King River Road, Cheshunt03 5729 8220