Spring Delights

Capture the Spring spirit, King Valley
Capture the Spring spirit

Pack that camera because Spring has sprung!

Driving through the valley you'll see baby lambs and calves frolicking in the paddocks, the rivers glistening in the sunshine, waterfalls cascading over the rock formations to clear pools below, the grass lush and green for that perfect picnic. A stunning time of year to explore the rivers and valleys, the mountains and waterfalls, the vineyards and farm-gates; so make sure you pack your camera or charge your phone, as you'll be overwhelmed with photo opportunities.

Join a cooking class and learn how to use produce of the season to create dishes your friends will rave about. Don your helmet and cycle your way around the many producers filling your basket with goodies, sampling wines and produce along the way. Throw a saddle on your steed and head off with the Forge Family to check the 'ladies', as the cattle get set to calve down in the upper reaches of the King Valley. Cast a line and await that big catch, sit back on your haunches and take in the serenity. Listen to the birds chirp and watch the kangaroo's graze on the hillside.

It's a time of new beginnings. An abundance of baby animals grace the paddocks along the Prosecco Road and the winemakers are busy getting ready to celebrate the arrival of Spring with their annual La Dolce Vita Festival.

Celebrate the sweet life - lift your glass of prosecco in a toast to the season, join the lively banter as the Italian families share their story and their passion for all things food, wine and family. Dance into the evening with newly made friends and join in on what we call - the Italian Spirit!