Horse Riding

horse riding, King Valley
Saddle your steed.

Saddle your steed. Horse Riding in the Alpine National Park

There are many opportunities to explore and enjoy the mountains and valleys of the Alpine National Park on horseback.

There are fine views from the higher ridges and peaks, and pleasant camping is available along rivers and creeks.

Horses are generally permitted throughout the area except for particularly sensitive vegetation communities, mossbeds and wet heathlands, on some walking tracks, and in Reference Areas and some defined camping areas.

For more information including permits, group size, camping with horses, and on which tracks or areas horseriding is allowed, please contact the Parks Victoria Bright Office: 13 1963 or download the Parks Victoria Alpine National Park Horse riding parknotes.

Horse Riding Tours

A variety of horseriding experiences are available throughout the King Valley, from lower river flat of Oxley to the upper reaches of Rose River. Either bring your own horse and discover some of the many bridle tracks and trails or take a guided tour. There is more to horseriding than just the basic trail ride, and Forge's Farm are offering the opportunity for you to join them on their day to day mustering, cattle work and droving trips. Help them check, muster and move cattle throughout the King Valley - an authentic & unique experience. Alternatively, combine food, wine and picnics with a horseriding experience and discover Packing Prosecco.

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