Walking & Hiking

A natural experience.
A natural experience.

A region surrounded by native forests, gushing streams and mountain fed rivers and lakes so clear they reflect the stunning rock formations of the mountains surrounding them. A region alive, not with the bustling sounds of suburbia, but rather the busy chatter of the wildlife that call the King Valley home. Take your pack and venture into the depths of the Alpine National Park, camping under the wide open starry skies and wake to the crisp, fresh mountain air. Or stay in a nearby accommodation venue, take in a hearty homecooked breakfast before donning your walking shoes and discovering one of the many short walks on offer.

Tracks and Trails

With many natural attractions, rivers, streams and reserve areas abundant with wildlife there is a walk to suit everyone.  From the Alpine National Park and Ovens Warby National Park, through to the billabongs and shared pathways of Wangaratta.

Download a copy of our Tracks and Trails guide to find out more, click the cover below.

Short walks to stunning views.

You don't need to be super fit or a hiking junky to enjoy walking or hiking in the King Valley. With beautiful lookouts and scenic lakes offering short walks - it's easy to enjoy nature at its best.

Live the life. Take in the breathtaking beauty of the valley by foot. Dip your toes in a refreshing stream, discover a sense of freedom as the breeze stirs the forest gums and ferns, and feel at one with nature.

Discover hidden trails.

Take the beaten track or in some cases, the not so beaten track, as you explore some of the most beautiful untouched areas of Victoria's forests and mountains. Ask some of the locals where their favourite spot is. They'll happily share!

From gushing rivers to the gentle trickling streams filled with trout, mountain huts surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and fresh mountain air invigorating the soul. Its all part of the experience.

Be guided by a local.

Hedonistic Hiking offer guided hiking in the Victorian Alps linking with local producers and vineyards to showcase hearty fare inspired by local produce. Learn tales of the valley, make new friends and be guided by some of our regions best.

For more information visit their website www.hedonistichiking.com /